About Adventures in Midlife Spanish

Adventures in Midlife Spanish is a collection of essays about practical steps you can take to improve your learning of Spanish and understanding the culture and traditions of Mexico.

Don’t believe the conventional wisdom that only children and youths possess the ability to learn a language. You can learn, too, if you are 40 or 50 or 60. I became bilingual at the age of 67 after ten weeks of Spanish immersion in Mexico.

As older adults we already know and understand how language works far better than when we were younger. And, we have a better grasp of the many shades of meaning that words convey. After decades of learning many new things, in our careers, as parents, or just living, we understand our particular learning style and the methods that work best. Some are hands on, others are by reading, or by listening. We are each different.

Gaining something approaching a native accent is more difficult because we have become accustomed to hearing certain sounds consistent with our first language and tuning out the unfamiliar ones as noise. So, yes, we will have to work a little harder to get the accent. But if you are a good mimic of sounds, it will come easier.


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